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Customized Girls Fight 2

Yes, we will custom and personalize any one of your orders. Most of our orders are customized. Please put the details in the notes to seller section. If requested, you will receive a proof before making. We will only proof an order for a custom item that is not currently a listing.

Customized Girls Fight 2


This insulated green camo girls lunch box will make the perfect gift for any newborn!! Perfect for the mom and dad always on the go. Available in multple designs and personalize with your childs name.

This insulated pink seersucker girls lunch box will make the perfect gift for any newborn!! Perfect for the mom and dad always on the go. Available in multiple designs and personalize with your childs name.

Choose from a selection of custom girls room letters that can be used for name signs and wall quotes. We offer a selection of wood letter products like Baltic Birch Wood Letters, MDF Wooden Letters, Script Wood Letters and Connected Wood Letters in an assortment of fonts. Whatever you choose, our personalization options let you select font, size, color and more to match your decor aesthetic. Get started on creating the room of your dreams with help from our girls room wall letters and signs.

Each of our products has a handpicked and curated list of fonts to choose from. Start decorating your girls room with our popular Nursery Letters, Script Nursery Letters, Girls Wall Letters, Modern Nursery Letters, Boho Nursery Letters, Vintage Nursery letter or Retro Nursery Letters. Each product is made to fit a specific decor style. If your daughter loves fairytales and princesses, choose to create a name sign or wall quote with our Disney Letters.

There's a selection of signs for girls rooms that we offer. Find monogram name signs, a reclaimed wood sign, name sign kits and more. If you have a rustic themed room, add a Reclaimed Wood First and Middle Name Laurel Sign. If you have a more modern decorated room, choose from our Round Wood Name Sign Kit or our Hexagon Wood Name Sign Kit. These come unfinished and ready to paint or stain with a first and middle name for a completely custom and one-of-a-kind sign. We also have a Wood Hoop Name Sign or a Hexagon Hoop Name Sign that can be customized with a first name or single word. Go boho with a Half Circle Name Sign Kit that can be customized in a variety of font options.

Vani (Urdu: ونی), or Swara (سوارہ), is a custom found in parts of Pakistan where girls, often minors, are given in marriage or servitude to an aggrieved family as compensation to end disputes, often murder.[1][2] Vani is a form of arranged or forced child marriage,[3] and the result of punishment decided by a council of tribal elders named jirga.[4][5] Some claim Vani can be avoided if the clan of the girl agrees to pay money, called Deet (دیت). Vani is sometimes spelled as Wani or Wanni. It is a Punjabi word derived from vanay which means blood. It is also known as Sak and Sangchatti (سنگ چتی) in different regional languages of Pakistan.[6][7][8]

Hashmi and Koukab claim this custom started almost 400 years ago when two northwestern Pakistani Pashtun tribes fought a bloody war against each other.[7] During the war, hundreds died. The Nawab, regional ruler, settled the war by calling a jirga of elders from both sides. The elders decided that the dispute and crime of the men be settled by giving their girls as Qisas, a retaliatory punishment.

Ever since then, tribal and rural jirgas have been using young virgin girls from 4 to 14 years old, through child marriages, to settle crimes such as murder by men. This blood for blood tradition is practiced in different states of Pakistan such as Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and KPK and tribal areas. A report by Pakistan's Law Commission states that sharia principle of Qisas is the rationale for Vani.[12]

Samar Minallah, a Pakistani activist and filmmaker, has criticized the practice.[13] She notes that very often when there is a murder or a dispute, girls are given as compensation to the aggrieved party as reparation. The murderer gets away with his crime and one, or even more girls have to pay the price of the crime for the rest of their lives. Compensation marriages are largely accepted as a way of keeping the peace between tribes and families. However, under-aged girls torn from their homes in this manner often end up systematically abused and forced into a life of virtual slavery in the homes of their enemies.[14][15][16]

In 2008, a long-running blood feud in a remote corner of western Baluchistan province that started with a dead dog and led to 19 people, including five women, being killed and was resolved by handing over 15 girls, aged between three and 10, for marriage.[11]

The girls bathroom in our Family Ties Custom Build is a favorite. To create a fresh space with plenty of interest we layers patterns, textures, and contrasting warm and cool tones. Today we are sharing all our sources to help you create a similar look in your own home.

Aggie STEM has been providing professional development in STEM areas as an organization for 10 years, and its PD providers have been serving districts with customized PD for more than 20 years. Although much of the work has been completed in Texas, Aggie STEM reaches teachers in other states and countries.

Buy Here - mix is very dear to me, It's my first full customized track and its theme is my favorite movie, enjoy!! If you want to use please purchase with the buy button below to use at competitions and practice :) #fullylegalto inquire about mixes visit

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