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Operations Research By S D Sharma Pdf

Operations Research by S D Sharma PDF: A Complete Guide

Operations research is a scientific approach to analyze and optimize complex systems and decision-making processes. It involves applying mathematical models, methods and techniques to solve problems in various domains, such as engineering, business, management, economics and social sciences.

operations research by s d sharma pdf

One of the best books to learn operations research is Operations Research by S D Sharma PDF. This book is written by S D Sharma, a renowned professor and author of several books on mathematics, statistics and operations research. He has more than four decades of teaching and research experience in this field.

What does Operations Research by S D Sharma PDF cover?

Operations Research by S D Sharma PDF covers the theory, methods and applications of operations research in a comprehensive and systematic manner. It is divided into four parts:

  • Part I introduces the basic concepts and principles of operations research, such as linear programming, duality theory, sensitivity analysis, simplex method, revised simplex method and dual simplex method.

  • Part II deals with the extensions and applications of linear programming, such as transportation problem, assignment problem, transshipment problem, travelling salesman problem, game theory, dynamic programming and integer programming.

  • Part III covers the network analysis techniques, such as shortest path problem, minimum spanning tree problem, maximum flow problem, minimum cost flow problem and project management using PERT and CPM.

  • Part IV discusses the stochastic models and methods of operations research, such as simulation, queuing theory, inventory management, reliability theory and Markov analysis.

The book is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of mathematics, statistics, engineering, management and computer science. It is also useful for researchers and practitioners who want to apply operations research to their fields of interest.

Why should you read Operations Research by S D Sharma PDF?