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The Prophetic Medicine - Kalamullah.Com

During recent years, the preservation of health has become a critical issue and some measures have been implemented in its promotion. Curative medicine is far more expensive than health preservation which cuts the amount of money given to medical companies.(10) In other not-such-controversial matters, it is agreed that one should always stay healthy, and seek out remedies should he gets ill, although disease is considered to be a natural phenomenon that expiates sins.

The Prophetic Medicine - Kalamullah.Com


Abdulmalik ibn Habib (al-Andalusi) (d:238H/853G) wrote one of the first books on Al-Tibb Al-Nabawy (Prophet Medicine) that discussed the ethics of medicine. He stated that physicians should not only be liable if they make a mistake, but must be liable if they practice medicine at all without the sufficient teaching and training. (14)

Based on the above and other proofs, there is a consensus about the prohibition of using pure khamr (wine) as medicine.he scholars also agreed on the impermissibility of using haram as medicine in presence of halal alternatives.

A medicine will be considered khamr (intoxicant) if it causes intoxication before death, but if it causes intoxication at a dose (amount) that is not possible to be consumed by a human being without killing him, then it is not intoxicant.

During the Muslim Golden Age, this was the norm. Al-Khawaarizmi invented Algebra to solve complex Islamic inheritance law issues. Ibn Sina pursued medicine because the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us that every illness has a cure. Ibn Khaldun analysed history because the Quran teaches us to take lessons from history. It was all intertwined. we need to return to this system of education that does not separate between subjects into religious and secular. All that matters is beneficial knowledge. 041b061a72

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