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Where To Buy Mediterranea Tile !!HOT!!

Mediterranea was set up more than 30 years ago as an American tile design and development company specifically targeting the American buyer. The company, however, has an Italian-based product development strategy, taking advantage of the latest advantages in design technology at every opportunity.

where to buy mediterranea tile

Pietra Mediterranea is a full body porcelain stoneware collection available in four neutral colors. This collection faithfully reproduces the appearance of natural stone and also offers decors with different textures, which are juxtaposed with the tiles and add dynamism to the projects to which it is added. Pietra Mediterranea is a versatile collection suitable for all interior styles.

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Mediterranea Tile represents a unique concept in porcelain tile design. A manufacturer and importer of custom floor and wall tile we offer cutting edge design, dynamic HD imaging with amazing wood look, stone look, cement look, rustic and contemporary tile designs in many sizes, shapes, colors, etc. You can see the entire Mediterranea Tile line at our custom tile flooring showroom located at Cosmos Marble & Granite, 2955 Franks Road, Huntingdon Valley. PA or call (215) 515-5756 to schedule an in-home, virtual or in-showroom appointment.

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