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Fix Save Dead Space 3 Hit !!BETTER!!

I'm having trouble saving with my XBOX 360 with Dead Space 3. I'll play a lot, then I'll save and quit. When I come back it puts me way back, nowhere near where I saved. I tried clearing my cache, and it seemed to happen after I did the update on line

Fix save dead space 3 hit

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This is how the game is designed to work. When doing a save and quit, it saves your inventory (and presumably quest progress) but not your current location. Saving of the location you start at seems to be basically checkpoint-based in my experience.

If you just quit it will just save your inventory. Try checking if theres the save symbol in the upper right corner (autosave, which saves your location) so you know when you are safe to quit without having to start at another location again.

The game saves your mission progress when "saving progress" indicator is displayed on-screen (there are also checkpoint-related saving notifications). If you quit the game when the notification has just been displayed your character resumes from the exact same point.

This suit is used for traveling and moving in the vacuum of space. Isaac grabs the EVA suit while escaping the exploding USM Eudora. It's one of the lightest-looking suits in the game, and is more akin to a traditional astronaut's garb.

The N7 suit, for those who might not know, is a tribute to the iconic space suit of Mass Effect's Commander Shepard. It's modeled after the standard N7 suit in the franchise, ported into Dead Space 3.

I was having the same problem. The issue is you cannot restart checkpoint if you get hit and still unlock the trophy. So if you get hit, save and quit the game. Then reload last save and continue trying. The wait isn't so bad. You load up right before the drill section.

I'll give it a shot right now. Theoretically, it will do no good if I continue to beat it without getting hit because at that point it autosaves after the fight and I wouldn't have the ability to fight the drill again. I'm going to enter the fight, save and quit out then reattempt.

That should work for you. The game doesn't save the checkpoints, it only saves when it says "saving" at the top. And it doesn't "save" after the fight. So if the trophy doesn't pop you can still back out and try again. I'm sure this will work for you.

Basically, I began the drill fight, got hit 1x on purpose then saved and quit. Reloaded from last save, beat it and after approaching the door the trophy popped. I'll have to share this knowledge with the boys over at xboxachievements and I'll give you the credit. Thanks for the quick replies man.

- If you choose to tackle this in co-op, only the host will receive the achievement, but right after it pops for you, the co-op player may choose 'save and quit' and rehost the game and invite you for their turn.

You can complete this in co-op but if you choose to do so, only the host will receive the achievement, but right after it pops for you, the co-op player may choose 'save and quit' and rehost the game and invite you for their turn. In co-op you can easily watch one vent apiece, making this nearly a cakewalk if both players understand what they are doing.

Once you are ready to go, release the safety gates and commence assault. Ignore the drill, it will cause you no problems. Watch the vents as enemies with icepicks (called Fodders/Wasters) will emerge; some of these enemies will turn into the three tentacle form, so you may need to add some follow up shots after you have killed them. After roughly eight enemies, you should have a clear shot at the drill. Take this moment to check if your health pack can be used; if you cannot use it, you clear to shoot the drill, if your health pack disappears, select 'save and quit' and give it another go. When firing at the drill, do not shoot like crazy at it. I ran into an issue where shooting it with my overpowered weapon would skip one of the waves and void the achievement. Take your time shooting the