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Cecilia 1983 Movie Torrent Download

Desdemona (Lina Romat) lives on an isolated island with her father Mario (Antonio Mayans), her stepmother Dulcinea (Carmen Carrión) and her mentally handicapped sister Paulova (Asunción Calero). What's there to do on such an island? Well, beyond Desdemona's onanistic acts on the beach, getting whipped by her mother and using her hand on her sister, she's been trying to sleep with her father, so when a stranger (Tony Skios) enters the film, things are looking up pun unintended.The House of Lost Women is just one of thirteen movies Franco made in 1983 but this soap opera is sure strange, as we demand, and quite pervy, as we probably demand as well.Man, is this another Jess Franco Cinematic Universe theme? Disgraced men that have taken their entire family to an island where all there is to do is dream of escape and have sex wit oranges? Is this island close to the one in Muñecas Rojas? Could you swim over and be attacked by the sirens of Bahia Blanca? Or are we so very close to Hot Nights of Linda?Watching too much Franco makes you either confused or feeling as if the onion is peeling back to show you the multiple realities and versions of these characters, all yearning for orgasmic bliss but trapped with one foot on the bed and the other in the void.

cecilia 1983 movie torrent download

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