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Letters from the Kitchen

About Me


Welcome to my kitchen.

Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated by different cuisines, cultures and flavors.  My mother's kitchen in a mountainous town outside of Seattle was like a playground that filled my childhood with constant entertainment, delicious aromas, and the chance to discover how much joy I get from watching others enjoy my creations. I've traveled the world and studied with amazing chefs who've helped shape me as a professional chef and culinary instructor.  It’s been an incredible journey that's led to international competitions; developing recipes for restaurants; consulting for national bakeries; teaching hundreds of students out of my kitchen in Guadalajara; and the great privilege to create memorable meals and custom cakes for the US diplomatic service in Mexico.  I’m honored to share what I’ve learned with you.

One thing that I never expected to discover along this journey, is how prevalent the connection is between food and nostalgia.  I experienced this personally when I moved abroad for the first time and couldn’t find eggnog at Christmas.  It wasn’t the eggnog I missed as much as the person I used to drink it with.  At a time in my life where everything felt foreign and upside down, I longed for the familiar embrace of that moment.  Twenty years later, I make my own.  There’s eggnog every year now and very special people to share it with.  But that first sip still brings back memories of warmth from my childhood and for a moment, the little girl in me smiles.

The flavor-memory phenomenon is a universal experience that carries each of us to another time.  This realization inspired what you're reading today: in addition to favorite recipes, I share the stories of my youth in the form of love letters to my children. 


Why on earth am I sharing intimate letters to my children with the entire world?  Because I suspect that you’ve had your own eggnog moment as well.  Because you might find comfort in these words, too.  Because as I express the frustrations, the triumphs and the heartache of a little girl’s memories and a mother’s desires, just maybe something about it will remind you that we are not as alone in this journey through life as we may sometimes feel. 


I'm here to take your hand and make you feel at home, and also to give you the skills and the confidence to excel at each recipe I share here.


Browse my site for a little journey into my life, for flavorful inspirations, and don’t forget to subscribe to get new stories and ideas straight to your inbox.


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